St. Brigid Cross by Palmer Folk School

St. Brigid’s Cross

Learn a traditional Irish Craft, prepare for spring.

How to make a St. Brigid Cross. These simple woven water reed crosses are made in memory of St. Brigid. Easy to make and lovely to display, St. Brigid crosses are the perfect way to start February. No groundhog needed.

St. Brigid Cross by Palmer Folk School

Looking for more meaning in the first days of February beside Punxsutawney Phil? Imbolc, the beginning of February, marks a cross-quarter day, that favorite day halfway between Solstice and Equinox.  Is it also Candlemas the traditional day for making the candles for the WHOLE year?

And it’s also the St. Day for St. Brigid is one the most important saints of Ireland. Her feast day is on or about February first and is a traditional day for preparing for spring. St Brigid’s crosses were made from reeds and put up after a thorough spring cleaning. Nowadays they’re seen as decoration, but they used to be put up at windows and doors of buildings to protect children and animals.

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