After years of making things from metal, wood, cloth, and leather, hosting crafting parties at our house, and of course, sharing food adventures; we’re trying to deepen it into a real folk school in Palmer. We’re starting out with the coppersmithing parties we’ve been doing, we’ll branch out into classes across several topics including blacksmithing, leatherwork, basic skills, and some forgotten arts as well. We’ll also be weaving in pieces of Waldorf education as we believe that educating the hands, head, heart should be a lifelong pursuit and as we believe, we live.

Meet Jack, father to three boys, borough webmaster, and chief maker. Whether he’s busy researching new projects, or dreaming up wild schemes or building things with recycled wood on a shoestring budget, you can always find him with a smile on his face. With Jack around there’s never a dull moment at Palmer Folk School.

And Laura. Jack’s better, more organized other-half. Professional food photographer, recipe developer, blogger at Little House Big Alaska, and number one mess-maker in real life. Meet Laura once and you’re family, be prepared!

Add to the mix various dogs, chickens, kids, a couple acres and 1935 Farmhouse in Palmer Alaska and you’ve got Palmer Folk School. We’re remembering the old days in new ways.

Join Us!

Please note that when you purchase a class from us our thank note we email you automatically has the location of your class. You can always email us at laura AT littlehousebigalaska DOT com (<<–turn that into the actual email address) and we’ll get your directions out right away.