Teen Forge Build and Skill Building Session


Forge Build and Skill Building Session for teens 13 and up who have already taken at a bare minimum teen beginner’s blacksmithing.

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This Teen Forge Build and Skill Building Session will take place every Wednesday in September from 1:30-3:30. It’s available to any student, 13 years old and up who has take at a bare minimum our Beginners Blacksmithing or Junior Blacksmithing class.

This class includes a group build of a Mr. Volcano Forge. We will work through building the forge each week at the beginning of our session then we will move on to work in the smithy for the remainder of the class, Our skill building sessions are a fun and informative way to help build better smiths. One week we will work on a skill the next week we will perfect it. We will work at the pace of the class.

There won’t be any specific projects for this class as we are perfecting skills not making projects. Expect kids to bring home pieces of metal that look like nothing to you but they will be very proud of their work.

Price includes a one burner Mr. Volcano Forge Building Kit. Kids will assemble and test fire in session with us and then bring home.




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